We Filed An Injunction To Challenge The Vax Mandate

On Friday, 9/10/21 Silent Majority Foundation filed a single-plaintiff lawsuit in Franklin County Superior Court to challenge the Governor’s vaccine mandate. SMF intentionally filed with a single plaintiff as we believe this is the best current approach. In our opinion, only time and these proceedings will tell whether a class action suit is appropriate. The purpose of the lawsuit SMF filed is to stop the vaccine mandate, not seek damages from Inslee’s action.

If you would like to join a class action lawsuit in the future, please send a message below with your name and title it Future Class Action: Vaxx Mandate. If, and we mean IF, SMF determines a class action to be an appropriate approach, we will contact you at that time. For now, we are focused on protecting OUR constitutional and fundamental rights through this lawsuit. You can read the documents via the link, below.

Inslee lawsuit filed 9/10/2021