Inslee Emergency Powers lawsuit

On May 10th, Silent Majority Foundation filed a lawsuit in Thurston County superior court challenging the Governor’s most recent emergency proclamations under RCW 43.06.010 and .210.  RCW 43.06.010 requires the Governor to “find” a state of emergency prior to declaring one.  RCW 43.06.210 requires the Governor to “restore order to the affected area” once it’s restored.  When the Governor issued Proclamation 20-25.19 (March 11) and 21-14.4 (March 23), there were two counties with ZERO COVID-19 cases and 13 or 15 (date dependent) with less than 10.  SMF argues  that since the Governor declared the state of emergency in “all counties” of the State of Washington, the lack of COVID-19 in some counties should require a showing by the Governor of how he determined a state of emergency in all counties.  Additionally, SMF noted that the Governor has tied the state of emergency to federal funding, and that he’s on record as saying of the state of emergency, “when it makes sense that we can eliminate any requirement and not experience more death.”

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