October 24th Update

Hi all,
We’re writing to inform you that Silent Majority Foundation has teamed with Arnold & Jacobowitz to fight for the Hanford workers. We plan to bring a class action on behalf of affected DOE-Richland employees and contractors. The plan includes bringing a suit for a temporary restraining order or injunctive relief prior to November 22 (or December 8), the date associated with the vaccine mandate for your respective employers. We will discuss the mechanics of a class action lawsuit of this type on Sunday, 10/24 at 6 PM at the Island View Worship Center, located at: 1520 Fowler St. Richland, WA 99352. Due to the anticipated demand, we ask that you not bring anyone who is not directly involved (i.e., don’t bring a spouse or friend who is not employed at Hanford) as we need as many seats as possible for the affected Hanford workers. We anticipate that the meeting will last about an hour. We will discuss the proposed path forward (what is injunctive relief, temporary restraining order) where and when we plan to file, and what we need from potential plaintiffs (information and costs to become a Plaintiff).
We look forward to seeing you Sunday.
Team SMF

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