October 14th Update

Update on the vaccine mandate lawsuit against Inslee. The Supreme Court has notified SMF they are moving the venue for injunctive relief to Thurston county per the state statute. While we are disappointed in this result, SMF fought the good fight to keep it Franklin County and we will keep fighting in Thurston County. Keep the faith!! We will not be deterred in our fight to achieve injunctive or declaratory relief for the citizens of WA by a simple change of venue. The constitutional arguments in our lawsuit are very strong. As a matter of fact, there are a few cases across the country within the last few weeks that have been won injunctive relief against vaccine mandates; each case shows that judges are applying heightened review to these COVID mandates.




We will give an update once we receive the court date in Thurston County. We reiterate the importance of courts throughout the nation rejecting COVID mandates as these decisions show there is no consensus on the support of these non-sensical mandates.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it a thousand times, SMF is fighting with everything we have to save your jobs, and more importantly, preserve your constitutional rights. We will NOT back down and we will NEVER give up!! This is the first of MANY suits we’ll be filing in the near future to fight government overreach in the state of Washington. Stay tuned.

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