Today is the day! Pete argues his case against the Governor’s mandate in court.

More than ever, he needs your prayers. Prayers that he will be guided by the hands of the Lord during his arguments. Prayers that the judge’s heart will be softened and touched by the Lord. Prayers that injunctive relief will be granted for our state.

God is in control. We know this. The last month has been a whirlwind that has shown us the hand of the Lord on many occasions. I am grateful for the strength He has given our family, the guidance He has given through this process and the evidence of His goodness we see every day.

We know it is through our prayers together that Pete may be sustained through the legal process. This is just the beginning of the litigation he will be part of because of the mandates. Today is a fight to retain our freedom of choice and, more importantly, protect the great gift of free will given to us by God.

Thank you 🙏❤Silent Majority Foundation News & Events

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