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Edgar Salazar MLPD

Guardian Arms v. Inslee

From the TRI-City Herald:

The police detective who shot and wounded a soldier accused of killings at The Gorge Amphitheatre’s campground in Washington last weekend is a plaintiff in a guns right lawsuit filed against Washington state.

A hearing in the case is set for Friday June 23 in the Thurston County Courthouse after the case was moved from Grant County.

Edgar Salazar of the Moses Lake Police Department is a plaintiff in the case along with five other individuals; Millard Sales, a gun store in Ephrata; Guardian Arms, a gun store in Moses Lake; Alliance for Gun Responsibility and the Silent Majority Foundation based in Pasco.

The business license for Guardian Arms Training lists Edgar Salazar as owner.

Salazar is credited with shooting and wounding James M. Kelly, 26, who is accused of shooting and killing two people at the campground several hundred yards from the concert venue and wounding three others.

Washington State V. Gators Guns

Jim Walsh, State Rep. on the AG's suit against Gator's:

“The attorney general’s lawsuit against Gator’s Custom Guns is full of overwrought rhetoric and has weaponized a constitutionally dubious state law. The first sentence of the document reads: ‘This lawsuit arises from Gator’s brazen, defiant, and egregious violation of laws designed to safeguard our communities from gun violence.’ It continues, with the unusual step of citing the controversial bill by number: ‘In March 2022, with the passage of SB 5078, the Washington State Legislature banned the distribution, sale, importation, and manufacture of large capacity firearm magazines (LCMs), effective July 1, 2022. RCW 9.41.370 and .375. LCMs are ammunition-feeding devices with the capacity to accept more than ten rounds of ammunition. RCW 9.41.010(25).’

“Of course, Article 1, Section 24 of the Washington State Constitution states: ‘The right of the individual citizen to bear arms in defense of himself, or the state, shall not be impaired….’

“The current state attorney general may have stumbled into a trap by pursuing this action against Gator’s Custom Guns. It’s widely known in Kelso, Longview, Cowlitz County, and other parts of southwest Washington that the owner of Gator’s Guns is a pro-constitution, pro-gun rights activist who would be happy to trigger a legal action that might result in a federal court decisively repealing the law created by the controversial SB 5078. In that context, the attorney general may have done Washington state gun-rights defenders a favor by citing that bill specifically in this lawsuit.”