Protecting Constitutional Rights

Silent Majority Foundation was born out of necessity to halt and reign in government overreach. From our inception, we have been determined to fight and speak up for all citizens who maintain their desire for freedom and constitutionally protected and God-given Rights.


Knowing your rights and how to protect them is the first step to maintaining your freedom. SMF is here to educate the Silent Majority on how to speak for themselves.


As the Silent Majority, it is imperative someone speaks up. SMF assists those who either cannot or do not know how to advocate for themselves. If you want SMF to be your advocate, please click below to request our assistance.


Events bring us all together. It's lonely when you don't hear from like-minded folks. Come join us and your fellow SMFers as we build a community and raise funds to help those that can't help themselves!

Mission Statement

Silent Majority Foundation (SMF) is a 501(c)(3) organization centered on protecting America's constitution and theological foundation. As founders of SMF, we support, protect and defend the constitution of our United States through education, advocacy, and litigation efforts. SMF will always focus on God and Country as the core of our mission.

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Join the effort to fight government overreach in Washington State. Our Donors and members are our plaintiffs, and we need you as we litigate using organizational standing. Show you're part of the SMF lawsuit!

As our efforts continue to fight Governor Inslee's emergency powers in Washington, your support will strengthen our standing and make a difference in what looks to be a continuous effort to defy Inslee's powers.

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What the Foundation is undertaking!

Response to WA Office of Financial Management Vaccine Requirement for State Employment
On August 4, 2022, Silent Majority Foundation, along with Pacific Justice Institute, Informed Choice of WA and Joy Lockerby of Lockerby Law, PLLC, collectively wrote Brandy Chinn and OFM rulemaking staff in opposition to the proposed rules they intend to implement through WSR 22-14-104. This rule creates a COVID-19 vaccine requirement for employment of all…
The Woke War on Title IX and Women’s Sports
Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 was intended to ensure that female sports/activities received fair, adequate, and ample funding.  50 years later, woke companies, like ESPN, celebrate 50 years of Title IX (with its Fifty/50 campaign celebrating Title IX), while simultaneously “equitably” eviscerating women’s sports by celebrating biological males who participate in women’s…
Thoughts on Whose Children are They
As Whose Children Are They sweeps local theaters throughout the nation, the video raises an important question each of us must be ready to answer. With men like United States Attorney General Merrick Garland and Washington State Superintendent Chris Reykdal in “leadership” positions who want you to believe parental rights are secondary to state and…