Dr. Wilkinson v. WMC

Preserving Medical Freedom!!

It's our pleasure to stand with courageous Drs. who willingly "buck the system" to save lives. SMF is representing Dr. Wilkinson to save his license so he can continue saving those lives.


We are appealing the findings and disciplinary action taken against Dr. Wilkinson for his treatment of COVID-19 with Ivermectin and for his discussion of the treatment on his blogs and in a public meeting. The WA Medical Commission deemed these activities “act[s] of moral turpitude” and claimed that Dr. Wilkinson took an “extremely unbalanced look at COVID-19, downplaying the seriousness of COVID-19.” The WMC’s determination that it can regulate Dr. Wilkinson’s speech and its decision to regulate Dr. Wilkinson’s treatment of patients presents the necessity of our appeal. The WMC’s violations of Dr. Wilkinson’s rights can be summarized as follows:

  1. The WMC based two of its unprofessional conduct findings are based solely on his speech, violating his Free Speech rights. Additionally, the WMC is punishing Dr. Wilkinson for not telling clients that he was prescribing ivermectin “off-label,” a requirement that applies to no other drug--such unjustified compelled speech is unconstitutional.
  2. Dr. Wilkinson is being forced to attend the equivalent of a reeducation camp and required to undergo physical, mental, and psychological evaluations while there simply because he said and did things the Washington Medical Commission disagrees with, violating his statutory and due process rights.
  3. The WMC disregarded patients testimony that they were fully informed about ivermectin and other recommendations made by Dr. Wilkinson.

In summary, we’re pressing on in this matter as we must represent Dr. Wilkinson in an effort to preserve his rights to free speech and his ability to treat patients with his knowledge and understanding. It is imperative that these rights be protected so we all can enjoy medical freedom.


In his Words:

The case synopsis below is from Dr. Wilkinson’s words. It addresses his experience with the Washington Medical Commission and how the Commission has attempted to regulate his practice in a rural community (Yakima) with constrained resources throughout the pandemic for the treatment of COVID-19. 

  •        The COVID-19 pandemic changed my practice; aside from the obvious impacts (social distancing, the need to rely on technology, etc.), the Washington Medical Commission, through enforcement of its COVID-19 Position Statement, has limited my ability to present COVID-19 analysis or treatments deemed “legitimate” by the State of Washington Medical Commission.  As a medical practitioner of 45 years, when I see patients, I treat them based on symptomology and my observations or my analysis through interaction with the patient, I use my expertise to determine what I believe is the best course of treatment to address the symptomology as I understand it.
  •        In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, I reviewed significant literature, some of which contrasted the information publicized by the Washington and Federal governments and these entities’ preferred “information” sources/resources. While the government took a “wait and see” approach on COVID-19 treatment, I was concerned for my patients as mainstream media frequently reported that hospitals were overwhelmed and understaffed, especially during the early days of COVID-19. I also believe that there had to be an early intervention methodology for a viral infection. Never in my profession have I experienced or observed a situation where the best course of treatment for a potentially deadly disease was to do nothing until the hospital could intubate and treat with a single course of medicine regardless of patient differences.
  •        Through my research, I concluded that early COVID-19 treatment that included Ivermectin as a preferred COVID-19 treatment. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve successfully treated patients and kept them out of the hospital with early COVID-19 treatment, which may have upset some of the complaining hospitalists.
  •        Because I’ve willingly shared approaches to early COVID-19 treatment outside of the government’s “approved” approach, I’ve been punished by the WMC; however, many patients have expressed appreciation for my willingness to conduct independent research and treat the person according to his/her symptomology.