Fighting Fauci and Friends

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Justice for Covid Malfeasance!

Many Americans have been begging for criminal charges against government actors, including Dr. Fauci, Dr. Walensky, and others for their willful and complicit decisions and actions that have led to the 1,000s of deaths from the government’s proposed treatment of COVID-19. Silent Majority Foundation has joined with Vires Law in requesting a criminal investigation (and hopeful prosecution) of these individuals for these alleged crimes in the State of Florida. This effort is presently focused in Florida for several reasons:

  1. Our colleagues’ presence in Florida; Floridians Seek Justice For Dr. Fauci, Medical Establishment - Miami Independent
  2. SMF’s General Counsel’s licensure in Florida;
  3. Florida has been one of the few states that has fought the federal government’s COVID narrative, including the Florida Surgeon General’s push back on the federal government’s “scientific” approach to handling COVID-19.

SMF believes that these reasons demonstrate that Florida offers one of the best opportunities for prosecution of these alleged crimes, and that now is the time based on evidence, data, and a continued interest in justice.  We’re proud to be part of this team, and we’re looking forward to the day when we are able to present this information to the Attorney General of Florida and soon thereafter to Attorneys General of many states.

Thank you for supporting our work!

Team SMF