Brumback v. Ferguson

On July 14, 2022, SMF filed a lawsuit in Yakima County Superior Court (the Washington Attorney General immediately asked to move it to Federal Court) to challenge Washington State Senate Bill 5078, Washington’s “high-capacity” magazine ban, which prohibits the manufacturing, importation, distribution, sale and/or offering for sale.

Donovan v. Vance     

In Donovan v. Vance, SMF is representing United States Department of Energy workers and contractors challenging President Biden’s Executive Orders mandating the COVID-19 shot to maintain employment.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Bazzrea v. Mayorkas

SMF is part of a team of freedom fighting litigators standing for our men and women of the United States Coast Guard. We love the fact that we’re standing with our servicemen and women as our uniformed men and women are our heroes. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Madeline, our paralegal, and her husband, are both Coast Guard vets!                                                                            

Oregon Firearms Federation, Inc. et al v. Brown et al

11/30/22 SMF filed a motion to appear as amicus curiae in Case 2:22-cv-01815-IM.  SMF is supplementing Plaintiffs argument with cases and documentation that support the request to enjoin Oregon Measure 114.                                                                                          SMF is currently working on a magazine ban in Washington State enacted through Washington’s Engrossed Substitute Senate Bill 5078 (“ESSB 5078,” 2022), which prohibited “the manufacture, importation, distribution, selling, and offering for sale of large capacity magazines, defined as magazines with the capacity of greater than 10 rounds, impairs or infringes on individual rights to bear arms.” (ESSB 5078, modifying Revised Code of Washington, Section 9.41 by adding 9.41.370 and .375.) Washington’s ESSB 5078 is very similar, in part, to Oregon’s Measure 114 (“114”), insofar as each prohibit sales, manufacturing, and importation of so-called “large capacity magazines".

Silent Majority Foundation v. Inslee

Silent Majority Foundation filed a lawsuit in Thurston County superior court challenging Governor Jay Inslee’s most recent (March 11 and 23, 2022) emergency proclamations. Under Revised Code of Washington (“RCW”), section 43.06, the Governor may declare a state of emergency; however, RCW 43.06.010 requires the Governor to “find” a state of emergency prior to declaring one.